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Get a Fully Personalized Meal Plan Just for You!

Swiitch™ will help you reach your health and weight goals with flexibility. It’s time to Swiitch and adopt healthy lifestyle and eating habits!

Find Your Own Balance with Food

Eating chocolate should be fun, not your worst nightmare! Swiitch™ helps you balance what you eat in a very simple and fun way.

Swiitch Your Food and Reach Your Goals!

Did you have a little treat this afternoon? That’s okay! You’ve got all day and even all week to swiitch your food and reach your goals. With Swiitch™, it’s super easy to tailor your meals to your reality!

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Meet Hubert, Swiitch™ CEO

Hubert Cormier! You know him? He’s a PhD in nutrition who advocates a flexible, entertaining and above all positive approach to food. For Hubert, eating well should never be seen as a prescription. His main objective is to promote the pleasure of eating well without any food restrictions. For him, everything is allowed! Nutrition expert, speaker, blogger, brand ambassador, he allows you to rediscover the joy of healthy eating for the body and mind.

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They Made the Swiitch™

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    “After trying many weight loss methods and diets that never work, I was looking for a healthier solution that finally fits my lifestyle. I want to develop eating habits that will stick. For me, it’s no longer a question of feeling guilty!  Swiitch™ has helped me in achieving my weight goals.”
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    “I use Swiitch™ as a benchmark. The app helps me find balance. I can finally tell if I’m eating enough vegetables or protein and it’s a great motivator for me to make better choices on a daily basis.”
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    “I love the new concept of being able to swiitch foods… Finally a non-restrictive, motivating, feel-good food plan! I love the app because it helps educate me and teaches me how to eat better every day.”

It’s Great When no Food is Off Limiiiiits!

Swiitch™ is the bright side of food plans: no restrictions and lots of fun to enjoy every food. How is this possible? By simply swiitching foods from your weekly food plan as needed! Swiitch™ offers a positive approach based on progression rather than restriction. With its many enriching articles, Swiitch™ helps, informs and entertains you. Bring the positive and the good mood back into your diet with Swiitch™!

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Download Swiitch™ Now!

Try Swiitch™ for 7 days FREE!
From $13/month