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Tips to Make Your Favorite Dips Healthier

It’s always better in a dip!

Any food is better when dipped in a little sauce. However, not all dip and sauce recipes are of the highest nutritional quality. Since we know you love this side dish, we want to help you choose the right ingredients to turn any dip into a nutritious option you can’t live without.

Some basic ingredients to make a healthy dip 

Let’s start with the basics: a few ingredients you probably use on a daily basis that can take your dip to another level. These are mostly foods that will make a smooth, dense, easy-to-handle base.

Plain yogurt 

Whether it’s regular or Greek-style, for a denser texture, you’ll get a slightly sour, creamy, protein-rich product. Yogurt works well in recipes that originally contained sour cream. By making this substitution, you will have a lower fat, higher protein dip.

Cottage cheese

It could just as easily be ricotta cheese. Opt for this food if you want a dip with more texture, a neutral flavor and plenty of protein. Its benefits are very similar to those of yogurt!


Any legume, pureed, will make a dense base that holds together well and can be spread on crackers. White beans, black beans, lentils and chickpeas rank among our favorite options.

  • The dip you get from the legumes is high in fibers and helps you feel full. If you want something smoother, we suggest you try firmer silken tofu.

The nuts

Cashews, which have been soaked in water for a few hours, will give you a dip with a light cheesy taste, creamy and pleasant texture. Your final product will contain good fats, fibers and proteins.


Making a dip with avocado or another vegetable that mashes well will make it easier to incorporate vegetables into your diet. They will provide you with a multitude of vitamins and minerals, good fats and complex carbohydrates. Roasted butternut squash and sweet potato would make a slightly sweet dip with a very interesting texture.

Daring to go beyond mayo ketchup dip

Now that we’ve explored the basics of dipping, all that’s left is to add aromatics to transform it into the flavor of your choice. Yes, your grandma’s famous mayo ketchup dip is delicious, but you need to explore a little.

  • Mustard + honey + ground flaxseed;
  • Peanut butter + jam + hemp seeds;
  • Lime + cilantro + chili powder;
  • Lemon juice + dill + olive oil;
  • Garlic + sriracha.

Dip and veggies, a good combination, but still…  

Is your typical way to eat dip is with vegetables? We think it’s time you tried some new combinations. Here’s a list of some of the foods we like to dip:

  • Homemade pita or tortilla chips;
  • Fruit slices (apple, pear, strawberry, banana…);
  • Multi-grain crackers;
  • In a sandwich or wrap;
  • On a bagel;
  • Chicken pieces…

Let your imagination run wild!

Even nacho dip can be improved

For that movie night you’ve been thinking about all week, we’ve got some tips on how to make your nacho dip more nutritious. Store-bought options are generally high in sodium and fat.

  • You're ready for the Super Bowl!

    In our alternative, get ready for something tasty and protein-packed that won’t leave you hungry. Get ready for the Super Bowl!

There are many more ways than you think to make a healthy and enjoyable dip. Remember to make mixes that work for you and try dipping a variety of foods in them. All of these combinations could be mixed together on a platter and you’d have something to talk about at your next picnic.