Meal Prep Famille

How to Meal Prep for Your Family

The Key to a Successful Week: Planning

Busy weekend, already Sunday night and you forgot to pack your lunch box and the kids’ for tomorrow morning? It’s not easy to get back into a weekly meal routine!

If you already have your routine, but feel that it could be improved, stay here. If you prefer to go day by day, it can also be handy to have a few tips. For the others, it will help you too. So that you don’t get caught out, we’ll give you a few tips on how to do meal planning for the week for the whole family.

How to Approach Meal Planning for the Family Without the Hassle

Your best friend in meal planning will be organization. First, start with choosing your recipes. This can be based on the family’s current cravings or on what you have left in the fridge and pantry.

Remember to include as many recipes that you know and are comfortable with as new ones. That way, when you’re short on time, a recipe that’s easy for you will save your evening and your week.

  • Remember to include as many recipes that you know and are comfortable with as you do new recipes. That way, when you’re short on time, a recipe that’s easy for you will save your evening and your week.

For example, if you make a large batch of sandwich mix, you could easily make a sandwich or a wrap full of veggies at the last minute!

Plan for proteins that you can incorporate into different dishes throughout the week. Buying larger sizes will save money. When all this is done, follow it up with your grocery list. When you get home, all that’s left to do is get into action and do your meal prep.

What About Snacks, Should I Include Them in My Meal Prep?

Yes, absolutely! Prepare raw vegetables and fruit ahead of time, then put them in containers and pop them in your lunch box! You can also prepare large quantities of snacks that need to be cooked when you have time. Then, freeze them to extend the shelf life and make them less often.

  • The day before, we thaw out!

    Here’s a tip: take the muffins out of the freezer the night before or in the morning, they’ll be at the perfect temperature for your snack and the kids’… And the same goes for all frozen, pre-prepared snacks!

Don’t Forget About Lunches for the Week

When you do your meal planning for the week, consider increasing the number of ingredients in recipes that you could double or triple, depending on the size of your family. When you cook the target recipe, you’ll have a lot more for the week. That’s even more ready-made meals to put in your lunch bag!

A New Idea for Family Meals

Another idea to make weeknight meals easier: instead of preparing plates for everyone in your family, place the food in the middle of the table and let the kids help themselves. They are more attuned to their hunger and satiety cues and this will help them control their portions. It’s also one less task for you! They will also be able to choose the proportions of each component of the meal, and we are crossing our fingers that this will encourage them to eat more vegetables.

A Family Meal Prep, a Great Activity for Everyone

Cooking together can be a great family activity. By keeping the tasks easy for the children or adapted to their cooking skills, they will be happy and proud to get involved! Plus, it’s less work for the parents!

Family Recipe Ideas

In case you often find yourself lacking inspiration, here are some family-approved recipe ideas you can incorporate into your meal planning.

  • Roast chicken and vegetable platter + rice;
  • Egg Wrap + Vegetables;
  • Macaroni with meat;
  • Fish tacos;
  • Quinoa salad;
  • Hamburgers, salad and oven fries;
  • Quesadillas with cheese and black beans.

Admit it, meal planning for your whole family seemed more complex! By adopting these simple tips, it will be easier for you and your family to have fun preparing meals for the week and incorporating nutritious meals into your routine. Don’t forget to include recipes that parents will love too!