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What’s the Optimal Route Around Your Grocery Store?

An order to follow for grocery shopping

Ah the grocery store… An eternal restart every week! If you are like many people, the less time you spend there, the better you feel! Grocery shopping can be a real headache, which is why it’s essential to be prepared before you go. If you’re well prepared, it will be much less of a headache. There is also a certain order to follow when you are at the grocery store. And finally, you have to unpack everything at home! And then you forget about it for another week…

Before arriving at the grocery store 

Well yes, there is a step BEFORE going to the grocery store, we are talking about organization!

Choosing recipes 

The very first step is to sit down and ask yourself: what are we eating next week? Chili? Sandwiches? Poke bowls? A bowl of cereal? So many possibilities! You can also use a flyer as inspiration to make these choices.

  • Plan your recipes around the week’s specials! And don’t forget your upcoming lunches, snacks and cravings!

Your grocery list 

Then, when your recipes are chosen, the famous grocery list! The grocery list is a must for efficient grocery shopping. It will allow you to be organized and to know what you need for the coming week, without forgetting anything.

Also, if you’re the type of person who “raids” everything on an empty stomach, it will help you keep some order. It can also help you choose nutritious meals for your week ahead. Two for one!

You should also divide your grocery list according to the order in which you will store. This is pure efficiency! This way, you’re sure not to forget anything and you won’t have to double your steps.

At the grocery store 

Okay, you’re ready, your list is in your pocket… Don’t forget it on the kitchen table, it would be a shame after so much preparation! Wash your hands and go in!

The order of your groceries 

In the logic of things, we start with the fruits and vegetables, they are directly next to the door.

Then, against all logic, don’t go to the meats! In fact, wait until the end of the grocery store for the meats. We want to avoid at all costs their exposure outside the fridge.

  • Did you know that...

    if the meat is kept in the basket above 4 °C for a while, there is a good chance that bacteria will develop? And THAT is something we absolutely want to avoid!

So instead of just heading to the meats, go to the “middle” rows, the non-perishables. Add whatever you need to your basket.

At the end of these aisles are often the dairy products, your next stop! And last but not least, the meats!

The proportions of your basket 

Most of your time at the grocery store should be spent in the unprocessed aisles: fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meats.

So your grocery cart should reflect this. The basket will then be filled with fruits and vegetables, with little produce from the aisles, and then with a little dairy and meat. This way you will have a fairly balanced basket with everything you need to feed yourself all week.

At home

Finally, when you get home, you need to wash your purchases. It is very important to clean up EVERYTHING you have bought. Scrub the fruits and veggies well with a scrub brush!

In short, the biggest part of the job is getting your groceries ready. If you are well organized and your list is clear, the grocery shopping task will be much more pleasant and faster. After you’ve washed everything, you’ll be ready to process it all with your chosen recipes. With these tips, next week will probably be less of a hassle than usual… Yes, more efficient! Happy shopping!