What if it all started with a nutritionist right in your phone?

Swiitch™ is a new app that offers you nutrition services fully personalized to your reality and always at your fingertips. This is geniiiiial!

  • Eating ice cream
    Custom made

    Each food plan is custom designed and adapted to your lifestyle. No prohibitions. Just the pleasure of eating well while finding the balance that suits you.

  • Running
    For whom?

    Whether you are looking to improve your lifestyle, optimize your diet, have more energy or better manage certain health conditions, Swiitch™ is for you!

  • Watermelon
    Adapted to your goals

    Lose weight, gain weight, maintain your weight or even gain muscle mass, all your goals are possible and attainable with Swiitch™!

Swiitch easily adapts to your diet

An ice cream cone with your partner? An outing to a restaurant with friends? A little treat after a busy day? No worriiiiies!

  • Meal
    Flexible formula

    With its hyper-flexible formula, Swiitch™ adapts to your diet and your goals while allowing you to indulge and enjoy each food without guilt. Treat yourself with a lighter mind, that’s also Swiitch™!

  • Eating salad
    Find your balance

    Swiitch™ sees your food balance over a one-week period, allowing you to better plan your meals and make tangible, lasting changes to your eating habits.

It feels good to

eat everything!

With Swiitch™, no food is off limiiiiits! All foods are allowed, without exception! Their consumption is part of a continuum of frequency aimed at achieving a balanced diet. Swiitch™ accompanies you and guides you to better understand the basics of a flexible and unrestricted diet.

Eatiiiiing a balanced diet, it’s easy!

The pleasure of eating without forbidden food!

  • SwiitchTM calculates for you each of 7 food categories that you will eat during the week.

  • As you eat, you enter each unit or food in the search bar and the amount you enjoyed.

  • SwiitchTM will turn them into units and fill your plate for the day!

You exceeded the number of units to be consumed?

No need to worry. You can leave it as is or you can swiitch your units to another meal of the day or week to balance it out. It’s really simple and easy!

How do you swiitch?

By exchanging one food for another!

  • Proteins

    You can swiitch foods in the Protein category with each other. You can replace your chicken with fish, your beef with tofu or whatever you like.

  • Fats

    For Fats, you can swiitch food with foods of the same category. Butter can be replaced by olive or coconut oil.

  • Veggies

    In the Vegetable category, you can swiitch one vegetable for another. Your carrots can be substituted with broccoli, cucumber or any other vegetable.

  • Carbs

    In carbohydrate-related categories such as Fruits, Grains & Starchy Foods, Dairy Products & Alternatives and Pleasure Foods, all foods can be swiitched together.

  • Examples of swiitchs!

    It’s up to you to combine your units as you please!

    • Proteins
    • Fats
    • veggies
    • apple and bread
    • Food
    • Milk and chocolate

Advice and support
just for you

Your Swiitch™ coach is always there to encourage you and help you make the best choices. With his positive approach to nutrition, he highlights your good moves and offers you his most valuable advices.

Want to know more?

Check out these great articles written by qualified professionals. They will help you discover a wide range of topics from human health to food preservation, sports and supplements.

Eat happy, no worriiiiies!

Swiitch™ gives you the pleasure of eating well, but without guilt!

And, over time, if you are challenged, your lifestyle changes, you want to try something new or your goals change, Swiitch™ makes it easy to change your meal plan! Go to the menu and change your macronutrient ratio.

Swiitch™ is so flexible!

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